[NEWS] Kim Junsu Says, “The Musical I’d Like To Appear In? ‘Jekyll And Hyde’!”

Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu chose ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ as the musical he’d like to appear in.

During his ’2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’ concert on the 30th, Kim Junsu introduced one of his acts as from “A musical I’d like to appear in,” and sang ‘Right now, at this moment’ from ‘Jekyll and Hyde’.

Kim Junsu, who is one of the greatest vocalists of K-pop, captivated fans with explosive vocal talent and an emotional outpour during his rendition of ‘Right now, at this moment’. He was met with thunderous applause as his passionate rendition could be placed on par with that of Jo Seung Woo, the person most people think of when they hear ‘Jekyll and Hyde’.

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated in a phone conversation with ‘OhMyStar’ that, “Since Kim Junsu began appearing in musicals, he’s watched countless musicals as well,” and “After watching ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, he said that the male leading role is a character who has a multifaceted personality and great charm.” He also added, “Kim Junsu has expressed his desire to appear in ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ after he has grown more as a musical actor.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu won the Best Musical Actor Award at the 18th Korea Musical Awards for his role in the musical ‘Elisabeth’.

Source: [OhMyStar]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
Re-up by: iXiahCassie


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