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[PICS] Tony Moly Newsletter – December 2012

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[TRANS] JYJ radiates charm and warmth in new Tony Moly Ad

The advertising photo shoot of male group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) was unveiled.

JYJ, who recently became exclusive models of global brand Tony Moly, had their first ad filmed in a studio located in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul.

On the morning of the 21st, advertising photos of JYJ members are stylish and has a charismatic appearance. In addition to this, JYJ have a distinctive look, soft feeling and warm sensibility that exudes charm and variety.

Tony Moly marketing headquarters managing director Kim SeungChul said, “JYJ’s professional and active cooperation led to an amicable ad shoot”, and “the new ads with our gorgeous models who are trendy and has cosmopolitan flair, I am expecting, will appeal to the global image of Tony Moly”, he revealed

JYJ will begin shooting this ad as a model for the entire Asia region (excluding Japan) and a variety of activities is expected to continue.

source: Nate
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[NEWS] JYJ show off their clean skin in white clothes

JYJ recently did a TV commercial shoot.

Having recently started working as models for the cosmetics brand Tony Moly, JYJ did a TV commercial shoot for the brand. In the shoot, JYJ showed off both a classy, charismatic look and a gentle, warm look.

Kim Seung Chul, the director of the Marketing Department of Tony Moly, says, “We could conduct the commercial shoot in a friendly mood because of JYJ’s professional attitude and enthusiastic cooperation. Through this commercial of JYJ with some other great models, we’ll promote the trendy, urban image of Tony Moly globally.”

JYJ will continue working as models for the brand in Asia, except for Japan. The commercial can be seen on TV and papers from next month.

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[106 HQ PICS DL LINKS] 120820 Nintendo Korea Mario Kart 7 Competition With JYJ



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[VIDEO] JYJ “Nintendo Mario Kart 7” New CM (long version)

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[NEWS] JYJ’s New Penzal Q Commercial Becomes A Topic Of Discussion “Strangely Addictive!”

The new commercial of JYJ, who are active as the models for headache medication Penzal Q, has become a topic of discussion online.

The concept for the new Penzal Q commercial, which will begin airing in June, is a scene where a female fan is heard saying, “My head hurts”, amidst a JYJ concert, to which member Kim Jaejoong asks the audience in the stands, “Does anyone have headache medication?” Another female fan then shouts, “If it’s headache medication, it’s Penzal Q”. The CF later follows with Kim Junsu saying, “Penzal Q, thank you.”

Upon seeing this advertisement, netizens expressed, “The funniest among all the commercials filmed by idols”, “I’m so embarrassed I can’t even watch it”, “Commercial with an odd concept, yet it’s strangely addictive”, and “A commercial I want to see often”, among other responses.

Although there are mixed responses about the concept of the commercial, the CM song has gone viral. The lyrics which go “Whatever pain, whatever sadness, forget them all” are included in the song, which suits the concept of the CF perfectly. Jong Geun Dang distributed this song for free via its official homepage and Facebook page at the end of last year.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Seoul via Nate]
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[PICS-HQ] Junsu’s NINTENDO KOREA “MARIO KART 7” with Actress Gong Hyo Jin


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