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[FanAccount] “When someone asks them if they miss DB5K..”

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[FANACCOUNT] 111025 Encounter With Jaejoong+Junsu On The Streets Of Barcelone, Spain

Aaah ~ Today was a day I will remember ^^

Today I went to Barcelone to buy a Garnier’s BB Cream with my friend Ying and her roommate … We went where we knew there could be, but it was sold out. So we decided to go for a walk and to take some drinks in Barcelone.  Since I came from the college dorm, I had to take advantage! hahahaha

The point is that we walked down the Ramblas, not the sidewalk downtown, but by one of the sides. We watched the people who were watching the mimes (I, personally, I bet there is an asian in each one … lol) So we were looking at some, and Ying told me “hey, that guy with the glasses is really handsome” and I said “true, true, yes he is” as we continued walking … And then I see the other asian guy who covered the handsome guy with the glasses…his hair color was orange, That guy looks like Junsu. I said “Ying, isn’t he Junsu?” Ying said: “I don’t think so”, I said ” But he looks like him”, Ying: “He isn’t, let’s go”. We walked ahead. I was still looking at them thinking “I swear, it’s them” and saying “If they were really Jaejoong and Junsu and we just left them..omo “. We decided to cross to get to the other side of the street . I thought we were going to the side where we can see the asian guys, and Ying told me “You want to see them, don’t you?” I told her “Yes, To me they are Jaejoong and Junsu”, “The guy with orange hair I’m sure is Junsu. Let’s see them”…I was excited…We come closer to watch them “Yes, yes they are Ying …O_O” The two of them put on each side of the mime to take a picture. The handsome guy (Jaejoong) put down his sunglasses and I jump there … “Yiiiiing! Yes, they are, they are Jaejoong and Junsu. Look, loooook!!!” Ying: “Ehh, but where they are?” (She didn’t noticed they were taking a picture). “There, with the mime”… “Ask him, Ying, ask him!” We came more closer …And she gave Jaejoong two taps in his arm, Junsu was two steps ahead looking at the little shop…Jaejoong turns around to look at us (OMG)…And Ying was like “please, photo?”… Jaejoong pulls down his sunglasses and stare us above it…and then the manager appeared saying “no, no photos …” he was looking at me as saying “hides the camera that they can not take pictures “… And we stand there … With a face …” How? OO but … but … just a picture … ” And then they walked ahead going to Plaza Catalunya, Ramblas up …

We didn’t want to follow them and we just decided to take some drinks. Then I managed to convince Ying and she convinced her friend to went to Plaza Catalunya to see if we saw more of them again, But nothing… they were gone, it was so fast… But well, that was an experience… OMG *-* Jaejoong has a very white and smooth skin, it contrasted a lot with his black hair and clothes … lol Junsu’s skin was more darker. And well I thought they were more tall. I had an idea somewhat exaggerated … ? how they were … xDD (I am very bad for sizing heights u.u) That’s why they were more shorter that I had imagined… But still they were very tall^^ and very handsome! *-*

I have an impressive desire  that we reach that day ( Saturday) and go to the concert … I want to see them again … I want to see Yoochun! … maybe because he had arrived this morning he probably is still very tired … and the time difference is no small … so he should be resting or something ^ ^ And then yes, photos and more photos! lol
Well, that’s it! What a shame not to live in Barcelona and try my luck more often these days … lol. At the moment, I need to wait until Saturday to see them again! To see how it’s their concert … I’m sure it will be amazing! *-*

Source: lovingleetaemin
Translation Credit: JYJ3

[Trans] 111021 Yoochun and Junsu Fansign and Q&A Time Fanaccount (FULL PART)!

Part 1

Hah.. My heart still feels like it’s about to explode.

There were queue numbers given out at today’s fan-sign event..
I didn’t think I was going to be one of the first despite getting there earlier than expected, but I was rather close to the front. There’re probably going to be queue numbers given out tomorrow too..
After receiving my queue number, I was just waiting in the lobby but by chance I got to see Yoochun and Junsu who were entering the venue.
Although you’d be able to tell just from looking at photos from today, but these two were really good looking todayㅠㅠ Photos can’t represent even one half of a half of how hot they were.

Junsu’s hair was dyed a slightly dark brown and it wasn’t spiked as he usually wears it, but styled in a different way. This hairstyle is so much nicer…kekeke
When they entered the room, and the fans greeted “Annyeonghaseyo!”, Junsu grinned at them. (Gasps)
Yoochun wore a coat, styled hair and horn-rimmed glasses…ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
And I don’t know if it’s just my imagination but I really exchanged eye contact with Yoochun a lot today.
Even when he was looking at me Yoochun would never turn away awkwardly but just hold the gaze…
Yoochun is… a really nice person………

Anyway I’ve never been the sort good with writing comments keke but I shall write a fanaccount centred around the words that the two of them said today.
(I recorded what they said but the problem is… I’m listening to it but the conversation all came in really broken fragments.. I’ll cut out the important parts and upload later)
Basically I’ll just rely on my memory and what I can make out from the audio recording so there might be parts that I omit.

When they entered, I was looking only at Yoochun but both of them seemed to be in a good mood, and greeted everyone brightly.

Junsu: It’s been a long while since we did a fan-sign event right?? Because it’s been so long, I do feel really nervous, and uncertain… It’s really good to see you guys so up-close like this.
Yoochun: Junsu’s speech seems so cliche (laughs)
Junsu: It’s cliche but (I’m saying it) because it’s true..
Yoochun: Ah, I’m.. sorry. (laughs)
Yoochun: Ah but then I heard that there were such things going around on the internet, that someone bought 30 copies but didn’t get a ticket, but another bought only one but succeeded.
Junsu: A lot of people said, “That’s fate”. All of you here were meant to succeed. (laughs) To do a fan-sign event with such people….! I feel that it’s an honour.

Yoochun: I heard a lot of sad comments since Jaejoong-hyung isn’t here today..
Junsu: There were rumours that we purposely excluded Jaejoong-hyung, but.. that’s definitely not the case. Haha because there are also unforeseeable circumstances that arise… ㅠ…. Oh, someone in the front row just let out a sigh? Hahaha but it’s not because of something bad, guys…… (laughs)

Yoochun: That time, the fan-sign event was also done by just the two of us right?
Junsu: No, that time it was with Jaejoong-hyung, I wasn’t able to make it because of my musical
Yoochun: Ah, that time was totally fun..
Junsu: Eh? Why?? Because I wasn’t there?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Yoochun+Junsu: (laughs)

Fans: Call him, call!!! International call!!!!!!!!

Yoochun: If you guys pay for the international call fees (laughs)
Fans: I will pay for it!!! I’ll do it!!!!!!
Fans: I said I will pay for it!!!!!!

(Yoochun and Junsu smile awkwardly and stay silent)

Junsu: Shall we answer questions? But because we’re not sifting through the questions, we won’t answer any ones that are too difficult for us to answer.

Fan #1: During the Japan concert when Yoochun was filming Junsu on camera, when you said “Oh? It’s huge!!!” What was it?
Junsu: (straightaway) Difficult question, pass!

Fan #2: That time when you were being sensitive and tweeting lyrics about Fallen Leaves, that video that you failed to upload properly, what was it?
Junsu: Ah, that time?? Uhm… I can’t really remember now haha…??

Xiah Junsu if you do this it’s difficult for us…….

Fan #3: Yoochun-oppa have you reached the boss in Zelda?
(T/N: Yoochun recently took up a CF job for the game Legend of Zelda)
Yoochun: Although you guys can’t see it, but the capillaries in my eyes are all showing… (T/N: As in his eyes are very sore and red) 38 hours of gaming…… I’m about 60% through the game. (laughs)
Junsu: I met him at the salon today and spoke briefly, he said he came to the salon after playing the game till dawn.
Yoochun was always a mania fan of the Zelda game, in the past when we were doing activities in Japan, there were many instances that I saw him playing it. But he says he won’t be playing it anymore in the near future eukyangkyang, because it’s too tiring..
Yoochun: I developed respect for pro-gamers.
Junsu: I have friends who are pro-gamers, but those friends tell me this isn’t a game, but work. (laughs) There are no easy things in life.

Fan #4: Sorry to do this in the first half, but Junsu-ssi, “Angel Xiah” please….
Junsu: (laughs awkwardly).. Ah, this is also difficultㅜㅜ Ah beacuse you’re too close…
Fans: One last time!!! One last time!!
Jusnu: You’ve been saying “one last time” for 2 years already………… ㅠㅠ
Fans: Just once!!!!!!!! Just once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junsu: ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ…. Fine then since it’s such a cliche for me to do it, Yoochun should show us once too.
Yoochun: (surprised expression)… It’s not something that I can do. I stopped being an angel since middle school.
Junsu: Then show us “Devil Yoochun” please. If Yoochun does it, then I will too. Do it~
Yoochun: (looks at Junsu like ‘Why do I have to do this?’)

The fans began chanting “Just once, just once”… I was also…. one of them…… ^^;

Junsu sighed deeply, then..

Junsu: From now on you must really understand that it’s something embarrassing for me (laughs). Really I’m no longer in my young early 20s days… Although I’m not really that old either, but when I look at idol groups lately, I really get a shock.
Seriously, we end up looking like uncles (Ahjussi)??
Fans: No!!
Junsu: There are people who are born in the 90’s…… In the past when someone asks me “How old are you?” and I answer “I’m born in 1986”, that person would say, “Ah… so there are actually people who are born in 1986…”
I used to hear that, but these days I’m the one saying it to people…. Sigh….

But the fans began chanting for “Angel Xiah” again after he finished talking anyway!

Junsu: Wow you guys haven’t given up? (laughs) Ah but then I really can’t do it. ><

He said this but suddenly he did it! While grinning. The fans broke into cheers. Xiah Junsu was embarrassed to death and Yoochun just laughed while looking. But Junsu looked like he really hated it and didn’t want to do it…. ㅠㅠ What to do, he should still have to do it till he’s 35!

Fan #5: When are you going to do activities in Korea? (Concerts and all)
Yoochun: In Korea? Um….. it hasn’t been confirmed yet… It’s not down on pen and paper but it will be before this year passes.
(Fans scream)
Yoochun: Probably in December or so, is what we’re thinking, but there haven’t been any solid plans.. There are still loose ends to tie up…
Fans: Do a large scale one!! Huge one!! Ticketing!
Yoochun: Hmm.. If it works out, we’ll do a huge one….. How about having it at Daehangno…. just with the few of us only for 5 minutes.

Fanaccount from here, I’m only translating it for the Junsu fans on my twitter because they are flawless and perfect and I can never do anything for them. ^^

Part 2 Read More…

[FANACCOUNT] 110819 Meeting Junsu At Crebeau Today!

The giant cat house of awesomeness right here!


*breathes in and out*

lol I’m still flailing and I met Junsu six hours ago…. *flails again*

teehee, anywho Rara and I decided to go to Junsu’s pizza place and Crebeau today to eat and get our nails done.
We were supposed to go on Tuesday but because of my college apps, we pushed our Ilsan trip to today and thank God we did!

After Imshil (btw Junsu’s favorite pizza is the Chicken Barbecue one if any of you are interested) we found our way over to Crebeau and Rara had just gotten her nails done, when a couple of Japanese fans starting like major spazzing.

Then we saw his mom and she was carrying two photos for the Japanese fans. My initial thought was ‘wow they’re getting so excited from seeing his mom. I wonder what they’re like when they see Junsu’ and I decided to eavesdrop a little.

For some odd reason, the lady who worked there was talking to them in Korean and said something like “and he’ll sign these for you since you bought them”

I was like “……….. ?!?!?!” and then the lady who was doing my manicure was like “Oh Junsu must be here right now.”

Cue me and Rara’s “………….. WAIT WHAT???????”

Spazzing, we ended up each buying Xiahlendars for him to sign (they are hella cute btw) and we waited for our turn. We walked into the room and there’s this guy in a hoodie with the hood covering half his face and texting like a mad man.

He put his phone down and looked and us and he actually has pretty nice skin, even without any make up on. So he started signing Rara’s, whose name I had to spell out like four times X) And I was spelling it out for him and his mom and dad starting chiming in, it was adorable. It felt like being a parent teaching her kid how to spell♥

And I told him that Rara spoke Japanese and English, though his mom and dad both thought she was Korean. And I thought he would right something in Japanese, but he wrote “thanks~” in English and his dad laughed.

And then I gave him my name and his dad asked me if I was a college student. I said I had just submitted college apps and he was like “Oh so you’re a 12th Grader?” and I was like “No, I graduated overseas,” and his mom asked where I lived and I said, “Dubai!”


Junsu, his mom and his dad all looked at me and were like “Wow~” and I was like ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ on the inside. So then Junsu’s dad asked where I had replied and I said, “I’ve gotten into Korea and Yonsei University and I just applied to SNU today,” and he said “Wow~ You must be really smart!”

By that point, Junsu was done signing my paper and I said, “Oh! and we run a translating site and we were wondering if you could give us your signature for it?” His dad looked really interested and he gave Junsu an A4 sheet of paper and asked me to write down the name of our site. I wrote it down and Junsu gave us a signature. His mom asked what Junsu should write for a message and I said anything was fine, but she said that ‘anything’ is pretty hard and Junsu just wrote what he wanted and said ”I pray that you’ll always be healthy and have a life filled only with things that make you smile/laugh ^.^”


And I asked if we could take a photo with him and his dad said, “Oh he hasn’t put anything(bb cream/make up) on his face, so he won’t” and I said, “I haven’t either! It’s okay~” and we all laughed 🙂

So after that, Junsu’s phone rang, which he answered with “Who is this?” and then he was having a phone conversation and I zoned out because I don’t like eavesdropping on people’s convos, and we were wondering if we should leave when Junsu’s dad said “Shake his hand before you go.” So we waited a bit.

And then Junsu got off his phone and looked at us with this gaze that seemed to say ‘Wait, why are they still here?’ and it was so ADORABLE♥ And then his dad was like, “Junsu shake their hands!” and Junsu was like “oh right!” and he shook our hands. omg his hand is so small for a guy but so strong T__T

So then as we were leaving, I was like “Oppa Hwaiting~ Hwaiting on your new album~” and him and his parents all laughed and smiled.

After that, I was getting my manicure finished and I told the lady that we weren’t able to take pictures with him, and she said, “Oh yeah, he doesn’t like taking photos because he says he comes out chubbier on camera. But isn’t he so skinny?” so then she and I talked about how skinny Junsu was for a good five minutes.

He left for a bit to go to the bathroom and when he came back I looked to see how skinny he was and dat ass…. lol Yes it is noticeable since his legs are so skinny compared to it 😉

After a bit, he left again and when he did, he said bye like four times. It was so cute♥


So then we got to see his cats and omg ;A; I LOVE THESE CATS SO MUCH LIKE….. NO LIE
I can’t even express my love for them in proper English gdi SO CUTE T__________T
Bakira and Tigger were chasing each other around for a bit and Leo was just….. lazing around and sleeping lololol

So then we left, and his mom was like “Come again soon~”


Credit: Melodiamuse
Shared by: iXiahCassie

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