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[NEWS] 121202 JYJ’s New Album To Be Released Next Year!


Junsu revealed JYJ‘s plans of releasing a new album.

On December 29, a day before his exclusive concert at the Turinenhalle in Oberhausen, Germany, Junsu held a press conference at a hotel. During the press conference, Junsu revealed that JYJ is aiming to release a new album next year.

Regarding the questions about JYJ’s plans of a new album, Junsu stated, “It’s certain that JYJ’s new album will be released next year. It will be around mid-year. We will keep to our own schedules for the first half of next year and appear as JYJ after mid-next year.”

Junsu, who performed in Germany once before his exclusive concert stated, “Last time I was on stage as a member of JYJ but this time I will be performing as a solo artist. This concert will be my last performance as a solo artist so I want to make sure I don’t have any regrets.”

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[NEWS] 121122 JYJ Junsu To Hold All Live Solo Concert At The End Of This Year


JYJ member Junsu will be holding an all live solo concert in December.

His agency stated today, “Junsu will be holding a solo concert, ‘2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’. The orchestra, band and chorus will all be 100% live.”

This concert will be filled with his musical numbers and drama OSTs and ballads from his album.

The concert will be held on December 29-31 at the COEX D Hall.

He has won the ‘popular award’ 3 years in a row and has also won the ‘rookie’ award at the Musical Awards Ceremony.

On the other hand, he is finishing up his world tour on November 30 in Europe.

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[VIDEO+INFO] 121015 JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Hitachinaka, Japan – DVD Promotional Video

[Info] JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan Released to commemorate the 1st anniversary!

After releasing the Beginning album in 2010 and In Heaven after, JYJ held the long awaited live in Japan, the JYJ UNFORGETTABLE LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN OCTOBER 2011, for two days.

Live recording of the DVD was made in Hitachinaka, in Ibaraki prefecture, which is located close to the areas affected by the Great East Japan earthquake, the concert was able to mobiize 80,000 people.

Live at outdoor stage began at dusk, around the time the sunset’s sky represent the warmth and gratitude of JYJ to the fans, as the night turns dark, JYJ’s performances became increasingly glamorous in the night sky.

The concert became a legend that can not be forgotten, DVD has finally been released to commemorate the first anniversary!

In early summer of 2011, thru a concert to help reconstruction for the Great East Japan earthquake, JYJ expressed their honest feelings toward Japan, and showed us their amazing growth and strength. In order to play an active role in the world stage, they did not stop their efforts to develop a gift for fans. In autumn, the Korean album In Heaven was released as a result of this effort.

JYJ wants to convey –
“Warmth and gratitude for the fans who were waiting for us”
“We are trying to jump out to the world to reach as many fans as possible”
“Trust is what bonds JYJ and fans”
In this DVD, you can feel the continuous growth of unity with JYJ.


List Price 7,245 Yen including tax (6,900 JPY before tax)
– Please bear additional shipping of 595 JPY
– Only 1 order per booking.
– Only 50,000 copies of limited edition DVD
– Limited release in Japan (Korean edition is not on sale)



Disc 1 contains full concert.
Disc 2 contains bonus footage of their rehearsal
Subtitles: Japanese (English subtitles are only for the English lyric parts only)

EMPTY/PIERROT/Ayyy Girl/Be My Girl+Be My Girl Remix/I Love You(ユチョンsolo)/守ってあげる(ジェジュンsolo)/You’re So beautiful(ジュンスsolo)/Found You/I.D.S+Be The One Remix/ NINE/Fallen Leaves/Mission/Get Out/In Heaven/EMPTY Remix

Pre-order will start on Oct 18, 2012 at 1 PM JST

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[INFO] 121005 Tony Moly’s CF And Posters Featuring JYJ To Be Released This Month


Tony Moly left a  message to their customers

The upcoming Tony Moly TV CF  featuring JYJ will be released at the end of October
and the new posters shop is expected to be out in the middle of October

Credit: Tony Moly via DC뽕굴, parksheena6004
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[INFO] JYJ’s Junsu to release 1st Asia tour concert ‘Tarantallegra’ DVD

It has been planned that the DVD itself will be released soon after he finishes his asia tour in Hong Kong on August 26.

The DVD will show us the compilation of his awesome perfomances in six countries from the tour’s list, include South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong.

The DVD’s contain is still remain unknown, but for sure there will be a photo book.

Here’s for the detail:

Language: Korean

Subtitle: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish

Sound: Digital 5.1

Aspect Ratio: 16: 9

Region Code: ALL


Number of discs: 3 discs

More updates will be posted soon.

Meanwhile, Junsu is currently starting his world tour from New York at Manhattan Center.

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[INFO] Ruling Date Of The lawsuit Between JYJ vs. SM On September 13th, 2012


Credit: @WidM_
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[NEWS] 120824 ‘Autumn Men’ JYJ, 3 Men With 3 Different Styles Exude Cute Charms


Fans will get an opportunity to win JYJ NII Fall polariods.

Fashion brand NII revamped their homepage on Aug 24. To celebrate the start of the fall season, NII is holding a giveaway event.

The event will last for two weeks, starting from Aug. 24. Fans will stand to win JYJ’s polariods taken on set if they post NII’s advertisements on their personal blogs or mini-hompys.

NII’s Fall pictures and behind the scenes video will be posted on the homepage ( and NII’s official Facebook page ( this afternoon.

An offline JYJ photograph giveaway event will also be held in a store at the end of August.

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[FACEBOOK] 120820 JYJ Official Facebook Update!

김준수 월드투어 스팟 영상이 홈페이지에 업로드되었습니다^^ 
You can see Junsu(XIA) world tour spot video on CJES Official website!

김준수 랩핑버스 스케줄입니다^^


JYJ가 함께 있는 공간은 웃음소리가 가득합니다. 미국에서 더 건강히 돌아온 세 사람 팬들과 오랜만에 만나 너무 즐거웠다고 하네요.


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[FACEBOOK] 120814 JYJ Official Facebook Update – JYJ Is (still?) On Vacation!

오랜만에 JYJ가 미국에서 뭉쳤습니다. 음반 관계자도 만나고 휴식도 보내고 있는 JYJ! 셋이 함께 드라이브도 하고 게임도 하고 수영도 하고 즐거운 날들을 보내고 있다고 하네요! JYJ에게 안부를 전하세요!! ^^

JYJ is taking a rest in the US! Also there are some meetings with producers. JaeJoong, YuChun, JunSu they are playing games, swimming, and driving together.. Now, JYJ is having a wonderful vacation! Say hi to them!


Source: JYJ Official FB
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[NEWS] 120814 Nintendo Korea, ‘Mario Kart 7 Competition With JYJ’

Nintendo Korea revealed that they will be holding ‘Daejun Event for Mario Kart 7 with JYJ’ on the 19th in Seoul.


Nintendo Korea revealed that they will be holding a special event titled “Mario Kart 7 Competition with JYJ” on August 19 at Yonsei University in Seoul.

JYJ, the campaign model for Nintendo 3DS’s ‘Mario Kart 7’, will be attending the event and enjoy ‘Mario Kart 7’ with the chosen 600 people.

The 500 contestants that are chosen will move onto top 32 then the top round of 16, and the contestants who make it to quarterfinals will be able to hold Mario Kart battles one-on-one with each JYJ members.

Photo Credit: Nintendo Korea
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