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[NEWS] JYJ Are The Korean Government’s Go-To Singers? Dominated All State Events In The Past 2~3 Years

‘JYJ are the Korean government’s go-to singers?’

Group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) are drawing attention for being chosen as the honorary ambassadors of various state events that were held by the Korean government.

JYJ will be attending the 18th Presidential Inauguration on the 25th and are expected to perform a remix of representative songs of the 90s, including ‘I Know’. The international superstar Psy has also been invited to the event, and is planning to perform his worldwide hit ‘Gangnam Style’.

Regarding the event, a representative of JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We are grateful that JYJ will be attending the state event as artistes who represent an era. We promise to work hard and prepare a great performance.”

JYJ have already performed at the closing event of the 2011 IAAF World Championships in Daegu, attended a state dinner hosted by the first lady at the Blue House in 2012, and in February of the same year, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong attended a presidential dinner in Turkey as part of Korea’s cultural delegation.

JYJ have also been working as honorary ambassadors in various state events for the past 2~3 years. Some of the positions JYJ have worked in include being the honorary ambassadors of the 2010 G20 Summit, the United Nations in 2011, the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, Park Ji Sung’s 2011 Asian Charity Soccer Match, and the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy’s ‘Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo (KBEE) 2012′, which was coupled with an award of commendation from the ministry.

They were recently chosen to be the honorary ambassadors of the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon. Regarding this, the Asian Games Committee stated, “We have chosen JYJ, who have an unrivaled popularity in Asia, as the honorary ambassadors of the Asian Games in order to increase awareness for the event and to spur our overseas promotion in the Asian region.”

Meanwhile, JYJ will be attending an event on the 20th to commemorate their appointment as honorary ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, and the presidential inauguration on the 25th. Kim Jaejoong is currently working on his Asian Tour while Park Yoochun flew to China on a chartered plane this weekend to participate in Hunan TV’s special ‘Yuan Hsiao Broadcast’. Kim Junsu is currently taking a break after successfully completing his end-of-the-year concert in December, 2012.

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[NEWS] JYJ Are Chosen To Be The Honorary Ambassadors Of The 2013 Incheon Asian Games “Unrivaled Popularity”

JYJ (Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong) have been chosen as the honorary ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

The Asian Games Committee stated on the 19th that, “We have chosen JYJ, who have an unrivaled popularity in Asia, as the honorary ambassadors of the Asian Games in order to increase awareness for the event and to spur our overseas promotion in the Asian region.”

JYJ have already proved their popularity overseas through their two-year long world tour that began in 2011, passed through 15 cities and met with 210,000 fans around the world. Their work as the goodwill ambassadors for UNAIDS in the Asia and Pacific region, as well as their work as the honorary ambassadors of the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit qualifies them for their next role as the honorary ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

Kim Young Soo, the president of the Asian Games Committee, happily stated, “We are expecting the games to begin and end in success as JYJ’s role will not only raise awareness of JYJ’s global popularity, but also of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games to the 4 billion people of the Asian population.”

An event will be held on the 20th to commemorate JYJ’s appointment and they will then begin activities to promote the games.

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[NEWS] JYJ Are Chosen As The Stars People Want To Give Chocolates To On Valentine’s Day In Japan

‘Ranking princes’ JYJ have been chosen as the artistes Japanese women would most like to give chocolates to on Valentine’s Day.

The Japanese Hallyu site ‘Mpost’ held a survey on the 31st of January labeled ‘Which Hallyu Group would you most like to give Valentine’s Day chocolates to?’ with 1,000 female Hallyu fans between the ages of 10 and 70. Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu’s group JYJ received 71.6% of the votes, topping the ranks with a landslide victory.

In the same survey that enquired about individual artistes, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun came in at first to third place, proving just how popular JYJ are in Japan.

JYJ were followed by CODE-V, who made their Japanese debut last year, and TVXQ in second and third place. Others included in the rankings were Super Junior, Cho Shin Sung, and CN Blue.

Regarding the results, Mpost stated, “It was a complete victory for JYJ. It’s amazing to see how popular they are, even without any Japanese activities.”

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[NEWS] JYJ Sign On With NII For Another Year… ‘Benefitting From The JYJ Marketing Effect’

Group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) have signed on with the clothing brand NII for another year.

A representative of NII stated, “We benefitted greatly from JYJ’s star marketing effect last year,” and “We plan to upgrade NII’s image to a new level through a ‘line extension’ strategy that combines an aggressive star marketing plan with a broadened distribution environment. We also plan to continue our Heart campaign as well.”

The announcement was released with JYJ’s Spring photoshoot images. The photos were taken in late-January at a studio in Nonhyun-dong under the concept ‘I want you!’ The photoshoot sets JYJ in a concept of warm, Spring love confessions and gives off the feel of a romantic comedy film.

JYJ’s witty and lovely side can be seen through reinterpretations of Love Actually’s sketchbook proposal scene, Cupid, the God of love, a diamond ring proposal, a White Day candy proposal, and the infamous cappuccino foam kiss.

JYJ said, “We found ourselves making funny poses for the photoshoot,” and “We really enjoyed this photoshoot and we were happy to see each other for the first time in a while.”

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[NEWS] Focusing On Individual Activities For Now…A New JYJ Album To Be Released In The Summer

JYJ are planning to release a new album this summer.

Since releasing their latest album ‘In Heaven’ in 2011, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu have been focusing on their individual activities. They are now preparing to release their first album as JYJ in two years and are currently busy working on the tracks that will be included in the album.

They were extremely successful last year as individuals. Leader Kim Jaejoong made his mark in a variety of fields with the drama ‘Dr. Jin’, the movie ‘Jackal is Coming’ and his first solo album ‘I’. Park Yoochun dominated various end-of-the-year acting awards for his roles in the dramas ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘I Miss You’. Kim Junsu received the Best Lead Musical Actor Award at the 2012 Korea Musical Awards for his roles in ‘Elisabeth’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’, and also proved that he has the strongest ticket power in the market.

Through these activities, JYJ have increased their brand value. They plan to take this momentum to make 2013 the year to focus on their group activities.

But for now, they plan to put their all into individual activities. Kim Jaejoong will be holding a mini concert and fanmeet on the 26th and 27th at the Ilsan KINTEX to commemorate the release of his album and will then continue on to an Asia tour. Park Yoochun recently finished filming for ‘I Miss You’, and is now filming CFs and preparing fanmeets while Kim Junsu is working on music and taking a break.

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu Says, “I Had A Hard Time Breathing Because Of The High Altitude In South America”

Singer Kim Junsu (26) has had quite the year in 2012. His first solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ sold over 120,000 copies, and he dominated overseas charts such as the Billboard World Charts, the Japanese iTunes Charts and the German Asian Music Charts. What makes his achievements so special is that he was able to do this without a single TV appearance.

“Because I knew that I would be releasing an album without a single TV appearance on music programs, I wanted to make a music video that was a work of art. I received full support from the company. To be honest, the amount of money that went into the music video was a bit too much (300 million Won). But I firmly believe that if you truly love music, you can’t lie to yourself; you have to do what you feel is right and what you want to do. And they must have agreed to that.”

His voice was flushed with excitement as he spoke. We recently met with him and he seemed proud of his ‘report card’ last year. What he was most proud of was his world tour that took him through Asia and the Americas. Starting in Seoul, he travelled all over the world from Thailand to Taiwan, USA, Mexico, Brazil and Chile to perform for over 50,000 people.

“In the US, the fans get in the groove of the songs and cheer as if they’re having fun at a club. In South America, they’re very passionate and the response you get from the crowd is explosive. They keep jumping and running with you, and there were a lot of people who cried. In the past, there were some fans in Chile who threw undergarments on stage.”

He said that each performance felt new and refreshing because each country’s fandom had a different reaction at concert. There were also some aspects that tired him out. During his Mexico performance, his stage was placed at an altitude that was higher than that of Mt. Halla, making it difficult for him to control his breathing during the concert.

“A base hasn’t properly been expanded yet in Europe or South America, and because we’re only in the beginning stages, there are some hardware things that are lacking. But the supportive passion of the fans is as amazing as anywhere else. I will never forget the look in the fans’ eyes. I could see the emotions behind the fact that they were seeing me for the first time, and that they might never see me again, and I found myself feeling more energetic than before.”

It’s quite rare for someone to have such a strong fandom base in South America, as opposed to in Asia where many Korean singers have entered the market.

“The people of South America have a lot of passion, so they like singers with intense performances and I think that’s why they loved my title song and dance tracks. Incidentally, they say that a person with round eyes and a cute face is considered handsome there, but since that’s a subjective topic, I can’t say with confidence that I fit under those standards.” (laughter)

He plans to continue his string of activities this year. Last year marked the end of JYJ’s three-year-long lawsuit with SM Entertainment. The two sides came to an agreement to terminate their contract.

“It’s not that we were oppressed or persecuted from the moment our legal battle with SM began. Though there was a lawsuit, the Courts sided with us when they stated that our independent activities were not to be hindered and that our contract was unlawful, so we’ve been free since three years ago. But there were some in the concerned parties that brought up the lawsuits when talking about external pressures, so I’m glad that was cleared up. I believe that justice has won in this case.”

A JYJ album will be released this year. He is also in the process of screening potential musicals and concerts. Does he have any plans to date this year? “To be honest, I’ve been dating now and then. Because I don’t have that much time, girls break up with me since I end up being a bad boy. (laughter) Right now, I enjoy my work. If I do find someone I’m interested in, I’ll be sure to tell you about her.”

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu and his fans’ donation work is just as amazing as him becoming the double award winner of the Golden Ticket Awards

Kim JunSu of JYJ has become a double award winner of the Eighth Golden Ticket Awards. Even though idol singers trying out musicals have become some sort of a trend, Junsu is unique in a sense that no one else has been as active and successful as him. An important fact here is that his receiving two awards is not a mere act of fan service to please his idol fandom.

What is interesting about the Golden Ticket Awards is that this award is to celebrate ticket power. It is an award that shows true worthiness of successful musicals in a sense that the awards are given to so-called money-generating musicals. It is interesting to see that Kim Junsu received two awards for the Male Musical Actor and the Concert Musician in very specialized awards as this one.  

JYJ Kim JunSu’s worth that dominates the musical market is simply amazing

The Golden Ticket Awards is rather interesting because it celebrates the persons with the most ticket power on the stage. [Getting this award] is a great accomplishment because it chooses the persons that are truly vouched for and recognized by producers.


Kim Junsu received the Popularity Award and the Best Male Lead award in 2012’s Korean Musical Awards.  He really is a musical star that possesses both popularity and capabilities. A fandom may be able to work hard so that a musical actor can receive the Popularity Award. However, the Best Male Lead Award cannot be influenced by fans in that fashion. Receiving the Best Male Lead Award means that the actor has truly exhibited excellent talent as a musical actor.

 Interpark, a ticket selling and distribution company, recently announced winners for the Golden Ticket Awards after they processed relevant information such as the number of tickets sold, additional points based on ranking, and on-line polls. Kim JunSu took the first place in both Musical (Male Actor) and Concert.

Kim Junsu who played the lead role of Tod in Musical ‘Elisabeth’ showed strong ticket power through his solo concerts as well as ‘Xia Ballad & Musical Concert’ that was held for 3 days at the end of December. It is only natural that he took two awards in a sense that he boasted unmatched presence in terms of ticket power.  

“Kim JunSu receiving Musical Award in the Golden Ticket Award after he received the Best Male Lead Award [in the Korean Musical Awards] is evidence that he is sincere about musicals as well as possesses high box-office values.”

“It’s surprising that an idol singer took the first place in Musical. Kim JunSu proved that he is much loved by audiences of all ages.”

It was natural that compliments poured in when he received an award for ticket power on top of the Best Male Lead award. There is a saying that goes “grasshoppers only last for a season” [T/N: popularity or something/something’s dominance in one area is fleeting]. There are people who only consider musicals a quick business to generate income. There are idol singers that plunge into musicals using their popularity.     


The Idol singers’ advance into musicals seems to be a win-win business strategy between idols [and the musical industry]. Idols’ appearances in musicals have always been the target of criticisms because idols singers in musicals, rather than securing their place as sincere musical actors, were more about boosting ticket sales [using their popularity]. 

 Unlike idols who considered musicals as dabbling into musicals and leaving their marks in the industry, Kim JunSu secured his place as a true star actor in the musical market. The fact that Kim JunSu proved his value as a true musical star, not just a mean to sell more tickets, confirms once again that he should not be called a mere idol singer. 

 “I really received so much love this past year. I thank my fans that cheered for me every time I stood on the stage.”

“I hope the audience that was with me while I was on the stage felt happy and gained happy memories. I think the best way to repay their love for my performances and music is doing my best and performing well on the stage.” The Eighth Golden Ticket Awards double awards winner Kim JunSu did not forget to thank his fans who always supported him.

Some criticized that it was unfair for people who did musicals their whole lives. Their logic is that it does not make sense that all kinds of awards, almost impossible to receive even after doing musicals the whole life, were given to Kim JunSu who debuted only a couple of years ago.

If [an actor] has no talent and skills and still receives an award, he deserves criticism. The fact that these awards that even musical actors with long careers cannot receive were awarded to Kim JunSu means that he has that much of talent and he does his best. 


What is even more interesting and meaningful than Kim JunSu receiving awards is this “donation culture”. His fans are also part of it. By donating all the gifts that poured in from all over the world for his solo concerts and musicals, he showed his quality as a star that act together with his fans.

Rice wreaths that his fans sent Kim JunSu were sent to the underprivileged such as children who cannot afford to bring lunch to school. 2,000 briquettes that 20 families can use for one month were sent to underprivileged senior citizens who live by themselves that use briquettes but cannot afford to buy them. 6,000 egg wreaths were donated to food banks nationwide to relieve malnutrition problems among the underprivileged such as children who live by themselves without parents and senior citizens who live by themselves. 

It is a beautiful thing that a star and fans come together to share what they have with their neighbors in need of help. Kim JunSu who was recognized as a talented musical actor. Kim JunSu who proved his top worth through awards that celebrate ticket power. Kim JunSu is a true star with both talent and skills.

And his fans that makes their star even more special by actively participating in charity work makes everyone around them happy. Kim JunSu and his fans’ charity work feels even more amazing than Kim JunSu becoming a double award winner. And maybe it is because Kim JunSu and his fans seem to have beautiful souls that help the less fortunate neighbors around them. 

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu Sings At The First Birthday Party of Min Young Ki’s Son, “I’ll Never Forget Your Loyalty, Junsu”

A photo of JYJ’s Kim Junsu attending the first birthday party of musical actor Min Young Ki’s son has been revealed.

Min Young Ki posted the photo on his Twitter account on the 22nd with the caption, “Thank you Junsu, and thank you for your well-wishing remarks. I’ll never forget your loyalty!”

The photo in question was taken on the 20th at the first birthday party of Kim Young Ki’s son Haram, and shows Kim Junsu performing a congratulatory song.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, “To have Kim Junsu singing for your birthday, I’m so jealous”, “Junsu’s loyalty is great,” and “If all the musical actors sang a song each, it would be like watching a musical.”

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[NEWS] JYJ Look Back On The Last 1000 Days Through A Magazine, “We Didn’t Give Up. We’re Happy”

A magazine that details the last 1000 days of JYJ will be released in Korea and Japan at the same time.

On the 21st of January, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The first edition of ‘The JYJ’, the interview magazine that commemorates the 1000th day since JYJ was created, will be released simultaneously in Korea and Japan. It contains records of their worldwide English album, their world tours, and their individual activities in musicals and dramas in chronological order.”

The magazine is set to be more meaningful as JYJ have concluded all legal battles that they had previously been engaged in as they came to an agreement with their former agency SM Entertainment last November and recently won their lawsuit against their Japanese agency AVEX.

A representative of C-JeS stated, “JYJ fought a long legal battle for three years against their unlawful contract. Not only have they won their freedom, but they have also provided their juniors with a better environment to pursue their activities in,” and “But because of unseen external forces, JYJ’s activities have been restricted and JYJ talked about their feelings about this in their interviews as they took the effort to find new challenges to take on instead of giving up or backing down.”

C-JeS’ CEO Baek Chang Joo stated, “For a long time, we have worked hard to walk down our own path, and we have changed obstacles into opportunities to widen the spectrums for each member, making them leaders of other K-POP stars as they have successfully completed two world tours and made their mark in the drama and musical industries,” and “We wanted to make a book that will be dedicated to the fans who have shown their love and support for the members, no matter how hard things got.”

The magazine ‘The JYJ’ was created through a total of 25 hours of interviews with the members, and will be a total of 139 pages with a special DVD. During their interviews, the members were said to have teared up as they talked about 2009, and all the people who gave them strength during those troubled times.

JYJ stated, “Though there have been hard times in the past 1000 days, we can say that we were truly happy. We worked harder than ever and though there were unexpected obstacles in our way, we were able to grow that much and learn. We wanted to share the story of the past 1000 days that were happy, from the moment we woke up till the moment we fell asleep.”

JYJ’s interview magazine ‘The JYJ – First edition, recording 1000 days’ will be released in Korea and Japan in early February and can be bought at the C-JeS store.

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[NEWS] C-JeS releases details regarding JYJ’s lawsuit victory over Avex + Avex announces its intentions to appeal

After the initial announcement regarding JYJ‘s win against AvexC-JeS Entertainment has revealed details regarding the ruling received.

According to C-JeS, the Japanese court ruled that Avex cannot insist on JYJ’s sole management in Japan, and ordered the management company to pay JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment 660 million Yen (~ 7.3 million USD). The court also acknowledged the fact that Avex has defamed C-JeS’s CEO, and as such, ruled that they also pay the CEO 1 million Yen (~ 11,000 USD).

To recap, JYJ and Avex suspended their exclusive contract back in 2010 and as the conflict of promoting in Japan escalated between them, Avex had released a public notice that falsely claimed that C-JeS’s CEO was affiliated with gangsters and brought about the halt of promotions in Japan for the group. They also insisted that they had sole management over JYJ’s Japanese activities and interfered with the group’s attempt to put on a charity concert back in 2011, which led to the lawsuit.

In response to the ruling received in court today (18th), Avex has already made it clear through an announcement on their homepage that they cannot accept the decision and that they will be filing an appeal.

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