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[TRANS] 121105 Hayato-San Blog Update

November 05, 2012

JaeJoong, who was so sick from the flu that he couldn’t speak, still appeared in front of his Jakarta fans, even though he was advised by the staffs and the doctor not to go through with the FM.

This became one of the anecdotes of how JaeJoong cherishes his fans.

I’ve heard that fans sang for him instead.
I guess the inconvenient communication through an iPad was in fact an act of affection.

And the letter he wrote with his own hand, such touching contents.

I’ve heard that the clap hand event with the 2000 fans was a sudden request from JaeJoong, so that he could show more love to the fans who
wanted to hear JaeJoong’s voice and live performances.

This is who JaeJoong is.
I just hope that he can treat his flu and get some rest.

JYJ is a group that is compiled with the talents from JaeJoong, Yuchun and Junsu and will not exist without any of them.

It’s a pity that 2012 has become a year that they did not work as JYJ. (Although I use past tense, there are still 2 months left.) Yet, I think
this is a year prepared for the coming 2013 (This is not a speculation but a fact).

I went to LA and met with them. All the interview contents won’t
be revealed here. I’ve also watched the unedited footage of 3V3 but
I won’t talk about its content as well.

But if I continue to keep silent, I’m afraid that JYJ will be defeated so I’d
write by talking to myself.

The purpose of 3V2…
JYJ couldn’t held activities or convey their thoughts to the fans. For those fans who worried about them because of the rumors from the anti-fans, they wanted to show us how they were striving to move forward and ask the fans to move forward with them….such contents. You should have felt
relieved when you saw them in 3V2 and felt that you should move forward with them?

In that condition, they overcome all obstacles, went across two countries and Hitachinaka city and came to Japan.

As for 3V3…
its purpose is to show the three of them who are now moving forward
and also their attitudes and frames of mind towards music.

I asked Junsu his thoughts on his solo concerts and solo album and also what is JYJ to him.

I’ve also asked JaeJoong and Yuchun about their thoughts on Junsu’s solo concerts and what they thought about having their own solo concerts.

Although I’m just talking to myself, I won’t reveal any of this.

For them, JYJ is a place like home, where they will always go back to.
Be it musicals, dramas or movies, they begin their journey from JYJ, to the
sites and then go back to JYJ. I’ve seen with my own eyes how they need
each other and how they get together without any resentment. I’ve once again felt the strong attachment between them.

You should know that it is very important for JYJ that the talented trio to develop their own talents as their solo activities are the fertilizers for JYJ.
Don’t you look forward to next year, of JYJ?

At least, I do look forward to that, because I knew what they did in LA and
also what they have prepared for the coming year.

But now, I’m worried that they would be hurt by the attacks towards one of them because of some fans’ jealousy. Why did the fans whom they love the most do things that they did not want?

We have to support them so that JYJ will not be defeated by those fans.

I hereby announce that I will shut the blog down as soon as they can hold activities freely here in Japan. At that time, I can stop being a busybody and I hope you can support them onward. With the thought of the huge wall that they are against, I think that you should know that as fans, what you should do and what not to do.

This is my murmuring so I won’t allow messages. (^_^)

Source: Hayato San’s Blog
Japanese to Chinese translation: JYJ台灣粉絲同樂會(翻譯&分享:N&J)
Chinese to English translation : mandragore of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Re-up by: iXiahCassie


[ENG] [TRANS-ALBUM REVIEW] “Xia Tarantallegra” by Music Critic Noh Jun Young (@Nohjy)

PhotobucketAs I pointed out before, the main vocal Kim Junsu possesses incredible musical abilities: His clean vocal control, the sense of responsibility where he would understand a song before performing it, and the different vocal styles he uses with respect to each song. I think this is the source of the phrase that I coined through twitter a while back, “using the entire body to sing”. This talent of Junsu has been confirmed through various types of performances and also been shown to the audience through his albums. Since solid vocal ability is a necessity for musical performances, this aspect of him is certainly reaffirmed; and so there’s no need to hold doubt towards it. Now, what we need to talk about is his first solo album!

PhotobucketThe topic throughout his first solo album, Tarantallegra, is perfection. How much depth can Kim Junsu show us? Or rather, how could he break away from his preset image until now and show the audience new results? Thus, he needs more than perfection. If he couldn’t handle the ideas well, the creativity will have loopholes holistically; and to this, Kim Junsu certainly felt a lot of pressure. However, after listening to the entire album, I found that Junsu altered this pressure to fate that artists endure. It’s like a piece of handmade craft, where Junsu’s presence can be felt from every little element. Tarantallegra means a spells that makes people dance, but I feel that it may be more suitable to call it a spell that makes people feel the different emotions instigated by music.

PhotobucketWhile listening to the album, one thing really surprised me: it seems that Junsu is exploring various styles of music with “deviating from what the audience is used to” as his goal. From this, one can see his vision of not limiting himself to the styles that he likes or is good at, but rather within this frame called music. Interestingly, this variety that Junsu presents us with is mostly created by himself. When I first heard “Tarantallegra”, which was the first track released, I drew the conclusion that it will create a sensation. This song, composed and arranged by Junsu himself, has the perfect harmony between beats and various instruments and sucks the audience into its black hole. In addition, Flowsik’s baritone/bass rap furthered this feeling wonderfully. The choreography and Junsu’s charisma, as seen in the music video, also became factors that stabilized the song.

“Set Me Free” is the result of a challenge of mixing the new fad European genre of Hands Up Electronic and woofers as well as guitar. Even though the sound created from this combination is very luxurious, it can be a little heavy, which juxtapose with each other and creates a wonderful contrast. This unique atmosphere will become the main distinguishing factor of Junsu from all the other artists. Furthermore, there is a clear progression within this song, which creates a drama-like feeling, and thus it is able to have a very solid structure.

“No Gain”, the song that Kim Jaejoong gifts Junsu with, is a song that describes Junsu while standing at the forefront of popular music. It carries a very Pop-like beat which brings along the melody of the entire song and showcases the charm of Junsu’s voice. Undeniably, because it is a song from someone who deeply understands Junsu, “No Gain” is extremely special.

“I Don’t Like Love”, just like what I said a while back, is a song from which one can extract all the various colors possessed within Junsu’s voice. This song seems to be able to find the lost sensibility in the audience, so I think whenever later on he decides to talk about his vocal abilities, I might add it to the playlist for the ease of convenience.

PhotobucketAlthough “Even Though I Turn Around and Around” and “Fever” emits unique atmospheres, the songs I think makes the listeners pulse increase are “Intoxication” and “Lullaby”. If “Intoxication” is a sexy song that doesn’t lack sensation and tension, then “Lullaby” is a song that uses nostalgic sounds to achieve tension. Specifically, “Lullaby” is a song that uses retro sense as foundation to achieve the best sound structure; it really reminds the audience of the nostalgic wave within pop music. From the angle of completion, I think he spent a lot of thought on this song, and also makes his music talent evident.

The last song, “The Tree Covered in Dew”, is a product with excellent structure. If the album’s brilliant structure is to be able to mesmerize the audience, then this song best expresses a perfect conclusion. In such a song that possesses a strong pop-like feeling and slow tempo, Junsu lets the audience understand what “sensibility” means; I would like to call this “sensibility” as the best result from a combination between natural talent and perspiration. In addition, “Breath”, a song with a lot of explosive force that can be heard as an extension of “Mission”, and “Even Though You Already Know”, a piano-based melody that stimulates the gate of memory, are both worthwhile pieces.

To be honest, Tarantallegra is an album that took on a lot of risk. Because of the large variety of musics and explorations, it may be considered as a collection that is difficult to understand and interpret. However, please try to listen to each track slowly, and you will understand what stands behind all these attempts are Junsu’s firm attitude towards music and his effort to make music a medium of communication. What he has to offer cannot be found among regular artists. Junsu has his way of understanding and presenting music. We shouldn’t impose the phrase “idol evolution” onto Junsu, because since the dawn of time, he has been closer to an artist than an idol.

Tarantallegra is an outstanding work that proves why he became the most anticipated artist or the most praised main vocal: he never stopped evolving. Moving forward, I’m sure he will not stop such progress and will continue to give his best in order to express himself through music. Tarantallegra included everything. But the music abilities that Junsu can show us doesn’t end here.


Original Source: Noh Jun Young, 노준영의 Billboard Beat via Naver Blog
Chinese to English Translation: g.fanns of JYJ3
Korean to Chinese Translation: jrw8008 weibo
Shared By: JYJ3
Re-up by: iXiahCassie

[BLOG – TRANS] Post of a staff who experienced the uncomfortable relationship between JYJ and SM Entertainment

Just translated key parts from the post of a staff who experienced the uncomfortable relationship between JYJ and SM Entertainment.


– It’s not present, but I once happened to work with JYJ’s Yuchun Park and SM artists (SHINee, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and etc). I wasn’t the PD but I was in charge of something similar. 

– Normally when you make TV programs, it can be worked out well when the agreement between the production (who pays the money), staff (PD and other people who actually make programs) and other 3rd party (broadcasting company and the others who air the program) is well-processed. People may think that the one who pays the money has the strongest power among those three. 

– However, the situations become very different when JYJ and SM artists are on the same program’s casting board in broadcasting industries regardless of what program it is. When there are JYJ and SM together, all the three parties involved in programs tend to be in SM’s favour. Actually they have been in favour of only SM’s sides for several years. 

According to my own experience, 

There was a production company who wanted to cast JYJ on its program. And the production and staff also wanted SM’s artists who were making Korean Wave together. So far so good, a scriptwriter of the program made his/her casting offer and it went all well. However, it was declined by the broadcasting company. The reason was the one everyone knows. 

The funny thing was that all of the 3 major broadcasting companies did the same thing. 
There was difference of intensity to say it, but the decisions were the same. Only SBS said in less-intense way. 

But I didn’t like this unreasonable and incomprehensible situation so pushed ahead with a plan[the original casting] in a quite strong way. Eventually, the people in senior positions said that it wouldn’t be possible that JYJ appears in the program, and especially not possible when there is SM on the same casting board. And they told that only one member of JYJ could be accepted in the consideration of the staff’s position. So Yuchun Park was appeared as an actor, not as a singer. 

– In fact, the SM singer who was casted at the same time [with JYJ on the same program] knew about the casting later, and gave me an ultimatum by saying that I would have to choose the one between the two, and he/she[SM singer] would refuse to appear on the program if JYJ appeared as any smallest role. I said that I would never ask them for another work cause it was so chip and nasty, then Yuchun Park was finally able to appear. 

– And the SM singer cancelled the appearance, and I was harshly criticized by the broadcasting company. The reason was that why I had to choose Yuchun Park, while there are possibilities that they[SM singers] could boycott their future appearances on other music or entertainment programs and there could be other direct/indirect disadvantages in any ways.

– SM Entertainment has pocketed as much as it could in 2011. They had a lot of government money and made worldwide issues. Soo Man Lee even was awarded a medal. It seems to be Samsung in entertainment industry. The reason that SM keeps JYJ from being in entertainment industry is crystal clear. Because JYJ is the one who could damage its position. 

– According to the words by JYJ’s sides a few months ago, “the news about JYJ’s concerts in America never makes the front parts”, “They[SM] know more than us that JYJ is second to none in ticket-power and any other influence when there is direct competition between any singers of SM and JYJ. 

Well people say that broadcasting field is quite dirty. What I experienced was even a lot dirtier. 


Original Link:

* I think everyone can have some information about SM’s interference in JYJ, but just thought this kind of eyewitness evidence in open public could be more significant. 

* Do not move or use the contexts in your own writing without any notices or permissions. I just wanted to share some situations in Korea with JYJ fans, and do not want to feel sore by seeing someone use my works in their own manners without myself not knowing it.

credit: @widmung_01
shared by: iXiahCassie

[TRANS] Hayato’s Blog: “I will support them even 100 years later”

Everyone did a good job.

Following the performance yesterday, today’s performance was also the best.

I can’t even express it in words.

I think this deep emotion will become a memory in me that is engraved in my heart.

Right now, we have done finishing up everything with them.

Today, I had something to ask Jaejoong.

I’m sure it is something that everyone also wants to ask.

I was waiting for him to drink a bit and get into a good mood, but he already brought a glass to come and greet me.

I told him, “I have something I want to ask you when you’re a bit drunk.”
And Jaejoong said, “Ah~ but I’m already drunkk???”

And I asked him.
He answered my question directly and sincerely.

Right now, I can’t reveal to you the question that I asked him and the answer that Jaejoong gave me.
I think there would be a time when I can reveal those to you.
Please be patient and wait until that time comes.

But at least I can say this.
Japanese fans are his greatest happiness.
With tears filling up his eyes… he told me how much he appreciate you guys.
There are moments that he choked on his words.
Even without me telling you, you would understand what I mean by that. I’m glad about that. I think we were talking for more than one hour.

Not only me but everyone around us who were listening to him could not stop their tears from falling either.
I’m sorry that I can’t tell you about this talk in details either.
But the feelings were somehow conveyed to you, weren’t they?
On the other side, Junsu kept singing
I told him, “Ne, Junsu, because you’re a good boy… can you be quiet for a little bit” LOL
You don’t have this kind of luxury, do you?

There’s one thing that we can do for them… to keep believing in JYJ… the only one thing that we can do.

We hugged each other when it was time to say goodbye.
“Thank you… I will keep supporting you guys forever…”
I told them that and bid farewell to them.

JYJ is the best!!!
Thank you for everything today!!!

Source: Hayato’s Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

[BLOG TRANS] Hayato san’s blog: “PRIDE”

Certainly…If it had been Saitama super arena they (JYJ) would’ve been able to attract 35000 customers.
In Ryoukoku Kokugikan with 2 performances at last 20000 people gathered

The pressure (value) of 15000 people disappeared.
Other than that, the venue is not made to host concerts so to get and install the equipment and the sound system it took an amount of money that is not small. I also heard that the number of security guards had to be doubled.

Even with all that, knowing that they won’t get any money return…they even held the concert twice… and the performances were awe inspiring (T/N: literarily it’s “a performance inspired by God”)

And with that they gave 1000 radiation detection devices to the children of Souma city…The value of this cannot be comprehended by just looking at a number.

They are our pride.

People who went to the concert… people who didn’t go… the feelings of the victims are all the same… According to all JYJ fans, it’s something that cannot be bought with money, something more important, “Love and Hope” is what we received.

Right now I am recalling their soul performance on from the 7th of June… my tears won’t stop.

JYJ…Jaejoong…Yoochun…Junsu… and all the staff who were involved in the charity event… Ryoukoku Kokugikan…and Zak who until the very end refused to give in to the pressure and carried it out… and all the fans scattered all over the world who became one, carrying the same feelings, even though they couldn’t attend the concert.

Thank you very much.
You are all my pride.

Source: JYJ2011
Translation by: As0or83 of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Re-up by: iXiahCassie

[BLOG-TRANS] On “Immortal Song 2,” Why isn’t Xiah Junsu?

JYJ’s Kim Junsu who is acknowledged both in name and in fact to be person with the best singing ability among idols. He is distinguishing himself not only on the stages of pop songs but also on musicals and has sold out tickets in the tens of thousands and has received “Newcomer of the Year” award in the Korean Musical Awards and has taken stages (T/N: that have been featured on? The writer is mistaken here) Broadways and has so been recognized in his abilities. He is a talent who is not fit to be just treated as an idol who makes your hands curl, singing “I want to be your bed for one day.”

I won’t talk about the incident of the split of TVXQ that everyone knows. After the incident, unsurprisingly, JYJ’s appearance on broadcast is becoming a rare occasion. Park Yoochun is appearing in a drama but it is an outside maker, and the incident of the foundering of appearances in “On the Roll” and “Come to Play” causes much irritation to see, not just for fans but also for non-fans who are neither one way nor the other.

Have You Suggested?

Kim Junsu who has taken #1 by an overwhelming margin in a recent research on idol singing abilities is in a way the most fitting and needed person for “Immortal Song 2” which has the meaning of “Re-framing the Idol and Immortal Songs.” Of course it is an unpleasant task to cast someone who is in the middle of controversy among the broadcast circles, but Kim Junsu has the value that makes it worthwhile to bear it. It is also evaluated that for hype-marketing for the program in the beginning Kim Junsu is well-suited and that one could receive the support of the almighty JYJ fandom and also looking at the abilities the quality of the program may also improve.

Of course it is understandable if schedules or other circumstances did not match, but I want to ask whether they tried. Due to the unfair influence of the mega-entertainment companies, wouldn’t the suggestion of the appearance have been absent altogether?

Super Star who Cannot Appear on Music Programs

It seems that the day that JYJ comes out on Music programs is the day that SM singers do not go on them just as YG does not go on Music Bank. It seems that the past appearance on KBS Acting Awards is the first and the last time we will see JYJ sing on TV. A single album sells 300,000 copies; multi-country tour and pulling in 70,000 for the Jamshil Field (concert). It is extremely strange that JYJ which is receiving a truly “enormous” love even after the split cannot even appear on music programs on which even the likes of dogs and mackerels appear.

Wrong Customs Must Disappear

That things are modified and are brought to success or failure due to the influence of the mega-entertainment is similar to the power structure of the Korean corporation. Due to the tyranny of the large corporations the small and medium-sized corporations disappear and in order to survive they must accept the tyranny, causing the vicious cycle of making the rich richer and the ordinary people poorer. This state cannot be simply regarded as the matter of JYJ. When the entire music industry is controlled to be made by the few entertainment companies and this is repeated, not only will there be a state in which the minority or the weak are continually damaged, but the worst of all circumstances will occur– the music market’s music contents will lose its variety and depth and will be dominated by messy trendy music.

Broadcast Companies Also Must Make Clear Their Positions

In eliminating these wrong customs, the broadcasts must not be consistent in their silence.

In the SBS drama “On Air” which ended in popularity, Jin Shangwoo who is the CEO of the best agency in Korea, SW Entertainemnt, requests the amending of the script and pulls out the actor from his company when the filming of a drama has gone past the 6th episode, arguing that the parts featuring the actor are too few. At this time, the director of the broadcast company deals with it toughly by barring the appearance of SW’s singers, actors, managers, coordinators, and other affiliates, and caused SW’s actor to come back.

Of course I am not saying that a controversy like the one in the drama should be aroused. The problem with the broadcast companies is that they are not taking a definite position and are being silent. Whether the entry by JYJ into the castle is supported or opposed, in order to be rid of these wrong customs, there is a need for broadcasting companies to reveal definite positions.

I am going to say as it is. I don’t understand how such cheap actions – akin to beheading the criminal and putting the head on display on the top of the castle in order to say “if you get sassy or you disobey, you die” – is being done so plainly in the current year of 2011. Let’s not do this. Let’s have some self-control.

Source: 미디어스
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: iXiahCassie

[TRANS] “Hayato’s Blog” – “Because there is nothing left in their path except moving forwards..”


I saw sincerity and honesty in Baek san’s personality through his words the other day.
And yesterday the thoughts of JYJ was delivered to the fans,
“Trust and the ties between us… that is what moves us.”
Did you all receive it? Were their feelings received by everyone’s hearts?

These words represent the thoughts of people.

I’m glad I chose the three of them.
I’m glad that I like the three of them.

Certainly, this is something I am convinced of.
On another topic, C-jes is a company that JYJ created.
Let’s unite all our hearts into one!

Because there is nothing left in their path except moving forwards.

source: hayato’s blog
trans by:
Shared by: iXiahCassie

[TRANS] 110502 Hayato’s Blog – Message From JYJ In The Golden Week Sky


How is everyone spending their golden week? If you have time, please go to Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku, and please look into the sky.

In there, there is a message from them (JYJ), please find it.
That one meaningful line, please feel it in your heart.

So that we can deliver to all the fans what JYJ is thinking….

And, so that the day that they can definitely sing freely in front everyone will come….

(T/N: The “sky” he is referring to are the big screens at Shinjuku ALTA, Shibuya QFRONT and Harajuku Jingu-mae crossing, where the 3hree Voices ads are being screened.)

Source : [Hayato’s Blog]
Translated by :
Photos: DC Gallery & Twitter via JYJ3
SHared by: iXiahCassie

[TRANS] Eisuke Mochizuki’s Blog Update : JYJ 3hree Voices II

I think many of you already know but, they are a group consisting of Junsu, Jejung and Yoochun, 3 members of Tohoshinki
Honestly, I have yet to meet them.
However, this time, for the JYJ 3hree Voices II ‘s soundtrack production, I watched their video countless times.
While they visited places in Japan that were memorable to them, they spoke plainly about their honest feelings.
And so, I came to like them.
Therefore, I played the piano with a heart full of emotions.
“Fallen Leaves,” created by Junsu.
“Nine,” created by Jaejoong.
Then, with the thought that if it were (JYJ), they would definitely want to meet the fans, and run to the fans, I created my own original song “Run to you.”
I’m thankful to have encountered them.
It will be on sale on 11 May.
You can reserve it here.

Source : [eiksukem blog]
Translated by :
Shared by: iXiahCassie

[TRANS] “Hayato’s Blog”: “The Feelings/Opinions of the Fans are not One… This is Sad”

Do you remember?

The episode of the time when I met with those three on February 20.

I wrote that the three, they play with each other cutely and all tangled, as if they are puppies…

That episode… that was in the office of C-JeS, which also had CEO Paek, who is the Director.


This is the impressions from that time.

That because this CEO Paek is protecting them, the three can sing free from worry,

That the three are really trusting him… I felt that.

I don’t write anything but the things that I saw with my own eyes, the things I heard with my own ears, the things that I myself felt.


If you like the three of JYJ, you must trust the three.

If you trust the three of JYJ, you must trust everything that they trust.

If you want to love the three of JYJ, you must love everything that they love.


I often receive this question from fans—whether they can trust me, Hayato-san.

I always answer like this:

There is no need to trust me, please trust the three of JYJ.

At the incident of last September (in which Avex threw out JYJ and suspended their activities citing Paek as the reason), CEO Paek is said to have said this:

“If only you three can become happy, it is fine for you to leave me.”


And who did JYJ choose?

The result is that which everyone already knows.

When you see this DVD, you will come to say “oh, it was indeed like this” and accept it.

If you look at their smiles free of worry that are contained in this DCD,

You will be able to see just how happy they are living their lives even though they are receiving wounds.

This, of all times, is the time for fans to become one.


There is no need for you to trust me. Please trust JYJ.


SourceHayato san’s blog


Shared by: iXiahCassie

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