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[NEWS] Yang Seyong JYJ CF parody “No pain, no patience, thank you” (TVN’s Comedy Big League)

Yang Seyong did a parody of a JYJ CF.

A small group (Yang Seyong, Jang Doyeon, Lee Seyong) acted the CF that was aired Sept 29 on TVN’s Comedy Big League’s ‘last star of my life’ segment.

Yang Seyong, dressed as an idol asked the audience, “Wait. Who has medicine for headache”.

Then the song JYJ has sung for a medicine brand was played. Copied from JYJ’s CF, Yang Seyong said “No pain no patience, thank you!”, drawing laughter from the audience.

JYJ Penzal Q CF:


Source: Newsen
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[VIDEO] JYJ “Nintendo Mario Kart 7” New CM (long version)

credit: Nintendo Korea

[NEWS] JYJ’s New Penzal Q Commercial Becomes A Topic Of Discussion “Strangely Addictive!”

The new commercial of JYJ, who are active as the models for headache medication Penzal Q, has become a topic of discussion online.

The concept for the new Penzal Q commercial, which will begin airing in June, is a scene where a female fan is heard saying, “My head hurts”, amidst a JYJ concert, to which member Kim Jaejoong asks the audience in the stands, “Does anyone have headache medication?” Another female fan then shouts, “If it’s headache medication, it’s Penzal Q”. The CF later follows with Kim Junsu saying, “Penzal Q, thank you.”

Upon seeing this advertisement, netizens expressed, “The funniest among all the commercials filmed by idols”, “I’m so embarrassed I can’t even watch it”, “Commercial with an odd concept, yet it’s strangely addictive”, and “A commercial I want to see often”, among other responses.

Although there are mixed responses about the concept of the commercial, the CM song has gone viral. The lyrics which go “Whatever pain, whatever sadness, forget them all” are included in the song, which suits the concept of the CF perfectly. Jong Geun Dang distributed this song for free via its official homepage and Facebook page at the end of last year.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Seoul via Nate]
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[PICS-HQ] Junsu’s NINTENDO KOREA “MARIO KART 7” with Actress Gong Hyo Jin


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[VIDEO-ENG SUBS] JYJ NII Making – Gmarket

via jyjofficial @ YT

[NEWS] JYJ’s Song For ‘Penzal Q’, “Don’t Be Sick”, To Be Distributed For Free!

Last month, it was reported that JYJ was appointed as the endorsement models for Chong Geun Dang Pharmaceutical‘s new painkiller brand, ‘Penzal Q’. The score for the commercial song for the advertisements, “Don’t Be Sick”, was revealed at the end of September, and the song was aired through television advertisements beginning on October 1st.

As soon as the ads started airing, requests for the release of the full song flooded in. Chong Geun Dang, in response to the requests, revealed that they will distribute the song for free starting on October 25th through the official ‘Penzal Q’ website as well as their facebook page.

“Don’t Be Sick” is a ballad about caring for a sick girlfriend, and sung by the crooners of JYJ.

Chong Geun Dang stated, “With the popularity of JYJ, many have expressed interest in the background song for the advertisement sung by JYJ themselves… We have decided to start this service [of providing free downloads] to help ease the pain that people suffer from due to stress of everyday life through the mellow music.”

Check out the CF below!

Original Source + Photo: TVreport, eDaily
Source: Allkpop
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[PICS] JYJ – NII Fall/Winter Collection

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Sweet CF Making Film Is Revealed, ‘Even Just Looking At Them Makes Me Feel Better’

The making film of JYJ’s new commercial has been revealed.

The making film of JYJ, who have risen as the blue chips of the advertisement industry, for their new commercial was revealed on the 11th and has become a hot topic amongst netizens.

The released footage was the making film of JYJ’s new commercial for a pharmaceutical company, and the members could be seen recording the background music, as well as acting as caring boyfriends for their sick girlfriend.

Netizens who saw the video left comments such as, “It doesn’t feel like a commercial for a pharmaceutical company”, and “I think I would get better immediately if I ate the medicine that JYJ promotes.”

A representative of the brand stated, “Thanks to JYJ’s popularity, consumers have been responding in a more positive manner to our product.“

The making film can be found on the brand’s homepage and their official Facebook page.

Source: [TV Daily]
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[PICS] JYJ – Penzal Q





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[PICS] JYJ – Penzal Q song score (Hangul)

source: Penzal Q
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