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[TRANS] Avex Press Release – Regarding The Lawsuit About The Activities Etc. Of JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN

Today, the Tokyo District Courts have released their ruling on the 4 counts of lawsuits against the artists JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN, who are exclusive to our company’s wholly owned subsidiary Avex Management Group (AMG) and C-JeS ENTERTAINMENT CO.LTD, as stated below :

1) Tokyo District Courts 2011 No. 17612 Injunction against defamatory actions
2) Tokyo District Courts 2011 No. 20390 Request for compensation against damages
3) Tokyo District Courts 2011 No. 25447 Request for compensation against damages
4) Tokyo District Courts 2011 No. 8301 Request for compensation against damages

As AMG does not agree with the ruling of the court, we have appealed against the rulings to the Tokyo High Courts, and this is what we would like to report.

Source : [Avex Group]
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[REVIEW] Proves why his tickets are always sold out: Junsu Kim burst out his singing ability at Ballad & Musical Concert

[Review] Older or little brother who’s great at singing and acting – Proves why his tickets are always sold out : Junsu Kim burst out his singing ability at Ballad & Musical Concert

JAN 02, 2013

The expression ‘Sold Out in a couple of minutes’ is just meaningless when you talk about this singer. About 20,000 tickets had been ready, but more than 200,000 fans wanted to get the tickets. 21,000 tickets of ‘XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’, held by the 27-year-old star Junsu Kim (XIA Junsu), were all sold out right after the sales begun on the Interpark Website at 20:00 on Nov 04, leaving a record of 200,000 marks of simultaneous log-ins at the same time.

After his debut on the musical <Mozart!> which made 45,000 seats sold out at Grand Theatre of Sejong Centre for Performing Arts, many idol singers stepped into musical industry, but no one has ever been able to shake the industry like him so far. The concert on DEC 31 showed why Junsu Kim is not just an ordinary idol, but the superstar.

The venue was Hall D at COEX, Gangnam in Seoul which holds about 7,000 seats (per a day). The concert continued for about 3 hours, started at 22:00 on DEC 31 and finished around 01:00 on JAN 01. There were various Korean dialects, Chinese and Japanese at every part of COEX building before 3~4 hours of the concert and mid-aged women with a suitcase were every corridor of COEX too.

The performance started with ‘I am, I am Music’ and ‘I want to get out of my fate’ from the musical <Mozart!>. He continued with ‘The Last Dance’ from <Elisabeth> which made him the winner of the Best Actor for a Leading Role at 18th Korean Musical Awards, and also sang ‘This Is The Moment’ from <Jekyll and Hyde> saying it is one of the musical he would like to do some time. The emotion and appealing expression based on outstanding natural singing ability were enough to prove that his success in musical (that singing becomes acting itself) was not a just luck.

His manner of controlling the atmosphere was also outstanding by playing on the audience with a lot of requests from them. “I became 27 years old, and it makes me feel like I became grandfather as an idol singer!”, he joked, but also made the venue almost collapsed by cheers of the audience when he said that “I would burn myself no matter how hard the dance may be, if I could be able to be on TV”, after the stage of ‘Tarantallegra’. On that day, for his fans, before the superstar, he was the role model who was standing firm against hardship and external pressure, older brother[‘OPPA’ in Korean] who they must support for his victory and little brother who they should take care of.

The special guest of the concert was his mother. He invited his mother to the stage saying “Today is the day that my dream comes true”. Before he debuted as a singer, he had promised his mother whose dream was becoming a vocalist to make her dream come true when he became a singer. His mother shed tears of gratitude after singing together with her son.

Meanwhile, his next musical is still remaining uncertain. While this year’s almost every big musical is longing to be chosen by him, it was rumored that he would perform for <Elisabeth> again in July, however, his management C-JeS Entertainment announced that his comeback to musical was not decided because the time of JYJ’s group activity is up in the air at the moment.

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[TRANS] JYJ Kim Junsu announced surprise digital single on Christmas eve

JYJ Kim Junsu made a surprise announcement with a single ‘Thank U for’

C-jes entertainment, responsible for Kim Junsu’s management, announced on the 20th that the digital single will be released on the 24th.

Kim Junsu’s digital song ‘Thank U for’ produced by a Japanese composer depicts a sweet love song that fits the winter mood strongly. The song was composed and produced by Shikata who also composed JYJ’s Itsu datte Kimi Ni.

C-jes official said, “This single is prepared as a surprise gift that will be included in Kim Junsu’s ballad concert which consists of musical and drama OST.”

C-jes also said, “Thank U for is a gift for fans and it is a love letter of a man showing sweet love to his girlfriend.”

Meanwhile, Jun Su Kim’s ‘2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra will be held at Seoul COEX from December 29 to 31.

source: NATE
trans by: @RubyPurple_Fan
shared by: iXiahCassie

[TRANS] The Test for XIA Junsu at XIADAY 2012!! LOL~ xD


3) Choose one you like more… ((=) is impossible to write.. Choose one!!)
1. Chick vs Dolphin
2. Tarantallegra vs Uncommitted
3. Figure Skating vs Rhythmic Gymastics
4. Piano vs Guitar
5. Angel-Xia vs Bbooing booing..
6. Sexy vs Cute
7. Rudolph vs Joseph
8. Bowling vs Soccer
9. Leo vs Tigger
10. Tod w/o bangs vs Tod w/ bangs
11. Yoo Sungwoo vs Hong Daekwang
12. Brownie vs Xiahky


4) Choose one, your favorite hair color..
1. Brown
2. Blonde
3. Pink
4. Red
5. Blue
6. Purple


7) Choose all.. the most confident face..
1. Charisma face
2. Cute Face
3. Angel Xia
4. Side Face
5. Singing Face
6. Bboing Bboing..
7. Wonderful Self-camera
8. Tod Xia
9. Xia- Captain of FC MEN


9) Nowadays, what is the prominent question in your mind?
1. Why am I handsome just like this?
2. Why am I dancing just like this?
3. Why am I singing just like this?
4. Why am I still cute?
5. Why am I perfect at everything?


10) In your thoughts, which is the most favorite work for Xiapwas in this year?
1. Releasing the solo album ‘XIA TARANTALLEGRA’ and Concert Tour
2. Musical ‘Elisabeth’
3. ‘Love is like Snowflake’ of ‘Innocent Man’ OST
4. Photo shooting for magazines (singles, 10asia, @Style,…)
5. Some advertisements.. (penzal Q, Tony Moly, NII,…)


13) Write down the meaning of new words as the way you know.
(they’re new words but the general public don’t use these words.. Most of them are abbreviations..)
1. Muggle: Maegle
2. Gonari: Supervision
3. Solkamal: Frankly speaking..
4. Matjum: Nice Restaurant?(actually, nice Lunch)
5. Menboong: Mental Collapse
6. Noonting: Watching something secretly?
7. Jegodnae: give up (it means… contents are the same or similar as the title)
8. Jjalbang: give up.. (at first, people used it as the prevention of deleting.. but now it means picture or photo)
9. Boolgeum: Burning Friday
10. Haengshow: Happy Show (it means “I wish that you’ll be happy!”)


18) Write now 3 impressive songs that you’ve listened to and 3 movies that you’ve watched these days..
Movies.. Pieta, Thieves, 007
Songs.. Nowadays, there’s nothing special to listen to..


19) Make the actrostic words with your name..
Kim.. I want to eat Kim (Kim means seaweed laver..)
Jun.. Prepare it..
Su.. Suri suri masuri~~ (it’s kind of spell..;;) Come it out!

20) Now, it’s Junsu-Time.. It’s the end of this year…
Write down your wishes in the future and something that you want to make next year with more than 20 syllables
Everybody scream.. party tonight, bambaya.. Let’s go..


Talk with Five Words
What is your sleeping habit? I’m doing like forward rolling when I’m sleeping..
Why are you handsome? I’m not handsome.. (Actually he wrote: “I’m ugly”…;;)
Did you watch the Olympic Games? I watched it almost everyday..
The best moment? Every stage..
The most precious treasure? Aventador.. (it means.. his car..)
What is you phone’s background? As the way it is when it came out from Samsung factory..
What do you do when you feel stuffy? I’m driving..
When will be your second album released? Hush, it’s a secret..
How’s your health? Very nice in these days
What is your personal skill nowadays? There’s nothing special..
What’s your score for Anpang? I didn’t do it..
Best hair? the hair that looks like large bowl..
Which drama do you watch? I watch ‘Innocent Man’
Which is your worry nowadays? Nothign special..
What is the plan when you’re 28-year-old? Live busily
Soon, you’ll reach the 10 years since you’ve debuted.. I’m also old..
I love you.. do you already know it? Please love me more
Do you dislike that fans said ‘you’re cute’? No.. I don’t dislike it..
Do you dislike that fans said ‘you’re sexy’? It’s not bad..
How do you think about ‘you’re so handsome’? I’m not handsome.. (Actually he wrote: “I’m ugly”…;;)

Source: XIADAY
Credit: theyoungestmin(pmksue)
Shared by : JYJ3
re-up by: iXiahCassie

[Trans] Kim Junsu: “Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun Are Extraordinary Within Acting Idols”‏

JYJ Kim Junsu made his compliments towards the acting of his member Kim Jaejoong who took on the challenge of movie recently.

On the 29th, Kim Junsu met the reporters at a hotel in Essen, Germany and he said, “After watching ‘Code Name: Jackal’, I was once again shocked by Jaejoong hyung’s acting.”

Kim Jaejoong recently acted with actress Song Ji Hyo in the movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’ and Kim Junsu went to gave his support for his member at the movie premiere. Kim Junsu expressed, “In the beginning when members wanted to act, I find it kind of difficult since it was not something that can be easily conquered just with interest.”, “But after they officially acted, I am so surprised that their acting were so great.”

“Up until now, I have seen many idols challenged on acting and the public were not optimistic about it. Thus I was worried. But our members’ performances were satisfactory. Really grateful for that. Furthermore the filming timing and atmosphere were different between movie and drama. I have watched ‘Code Name: Jackal’ and Jaejoong hyung’s acting is really so good that I was astonished. I know that comedic acting is the most difficult to portray but he did that so well.”

Kim Junsu continued saying, “To us, as there wasn’t much power of choice, thus the situation always hover around choosing one within two to three choices and thus we have to do our very best.”, “To all the members, the pressure to see good results is huge.”

He frankly said, “Every one of us has our own forte, and that is more than enough to me. To be a member of JYJ also makes me proud.”, “Though saying this might be a bit bias, but I think within the idols who are challenging dramas, Jaejoong hyung and Yoochun are the extraordinary ones. It seems that I have no hidden weapons anymore thus to meet such members, it’s really lucky.”

Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun would usually give their compliments for Kim Junsu in a jokingly exaggerated way. “However, I am still thankful.” Kim Junsu said, “Be it Yoochun or Jaejoong hyung, as they listened to my album rather than JYJ’s. This made us trust and depend on each other once again. I am really thankful.”

Additionally, Kim Junsu also revealed his passion for musical. Especially for the musical ‘Elisabeth’, which was done before his solo album, it was a solo activity that made Kim Junsu took it out with courage. “When I was acting out in the musical, I was very careful with everything, as though I was walking on a tight rope.”, “I ever thought that if I am unable to do well in this genre, it will not only be a bad influence to myself but also to the members. Thus I rolled up my sleeves and did it.”

“After the lawsuit (with SM Entertainment), we are unable to go to award shows but musical award shows will invite me every year, allowing me a chance to sing on stage. Though my original occupation is a singer but the award that I was unable to receive in the singing industry, I was able to receive it in musical. At the 18th Korean Musical Award, I also received the the male lead award. It seems that I have received this award rather fast. I will have to work with my mightiest ability to present and with good acting to repay everyone.”

source: ohmynews
credit: Disp-TVXQ_JYJ
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Re-up by: iXiahCassie

[NEWS] Dispute finally ended – makes 0% possibility for TVXQ to be Five

Dispute finally ended – makes 0% possibility for TVXQ to be Five

The dispute regarding exclusive contract between SM Entertainment and JYJ (Jaejoong/Yucjun/Junsu) has been completed by the both parties’ agreement. This made the dispute dragged for 3 years and 4 month finally finished.

According to legal circles on 28th, SM Entertainment and JYJ agreed to finish all contracts made between the both parties as of July 31st, 2009, the date of application for injunction. Also they made agreement to withdraw all lawsuits related and would not interfere in each other’s activities. Therefore, JYJ and 2 members of TVXQ now go separate way.

TVXQ has been doing its activities as 2 members – Yunho and Changmin, and Jaejoong Kim/ Yuchun Park/ Junsu Kim have been doing both individual activities in acting career and activities as the group JYJ. It is now the 3rd year of JYJ which was formed in SEP 2010, and the both TVXQ and JYJ are having a lot of popularity in domestic and abroad.

As the conflict is completed by agreement, now there is almost zero percentage for TVXQ to be 5 members in a matter of fact. Also the both sides have already made their own ways, so it is expected that there would not be any big changes of their activities. TV2XQ and JYJ are now able to have their activities independently freed from dispute.

Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim made their first debut as members of TVXQ in 2004, and applied for an injunction to terminate validity of exclusive contract against SM Entertainment, the former management company, in July 31st, 2009.

+) Also JYJ’s names will be removed from the list of SM artists on its financial report for stock market from this 4th quarter as now the three members of JYJ are neither TVXQ, nor SM singers any more after all contracts has become invalid. (SM has included JYJ’s names on the name of the members of TVXQ insisting they were still SM singers as the exclusive contract was valid.)

Now the past becomes ‘real’ past, so congratulations on being freed from the contract of SM!

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shared by: iXiahCassie

[TRANS] JYJ’s broadcasting activities? It may require some more time

According to the agreement, attention is now on whether JYJ can now freely appear in broadcasting activities since they haven’t appeared in entertainment programs during the legal dispute. JYJ’s Junsu was not able to appear in Music Bank last May because KBS declared that “if we let a celebrity involved in a legal dispute appear in our show, it can have an impact on the ongoing trial.”

However, with this agreement, the justification that the broadcasters had put forward has now disappeared. The 3 broadcasting stations issued a cautious stance on the matter stating that “an internal discussion” needs to happen.

JYJ doesn’t have any high hopes in freely appearing in broadcasts soon. C-JES representative Baek ChangJu stated “JYJ will pursue their activities as planned. We hope that some of the unfair treatment/practices in the entertainment industry can be improved with this agreement.”

*) Translator’s note: I skipped other parts of the article because the information was already translated in previous articles.

source: NATE
trans by: @rubypurple_fan
shared by: iXiahCassie

[NEWS] 121122 JYJ, Is There Anything You Can’t Do?


The group JYJ is drawing public attention with omnidirectional activities including not only films and dramas but also world tour concerts.

The members of JYJ – Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim are showing off their talents as each of them is doing film, drama and world tour at the same time. Not like other groups who normally start members’ individual activities after group activities finished, all of JYJ members are standing out in each own field at the same time.

The most noticeable member is Jaejoong Kim. Currently he is meeting audience with his screen debut film ‘Code Name: Jackal’ and played a comic role which he has not done before, as a topstar who is kidnapped in the film. It seems that he became more familiar to the public after breaking from former serious characters he played in ‘Dr. Jin’ and ‘Protect the Boss’.

Yuchun Park is challenging melodramatic performance in ‘I Miss You’, MBC WED/THU primetime drama currently being aired. He has been appearing since NOV 21 after the youth parts finished and showed performance as a  police detective who has wounds of the first love in youth. ‘I Miss You is his first serious melodrama as he used to work for romantic comedies in the past. His new challenge is highly expected as he has been recognised well among actors from background of singers.

While Jaejoong Kim and Yuchun Park are leaving music career at the moment, Junsu Kim is taking over the role of a singer instead. The award winning star is due to have a solo concert in Oberhausen, Germany on Nov 30. He is the first Asian singer performing in Oberhausen.

He released a solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ in May and toured successfully in Thailand, Taiwan, China, U.S.A. and Mexico. The tour in Germany is his final stage of the world tours of 8 months.

Source: Donga via Nate
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[VIDEO-TEASER-ENG+JAP SUB] 121119 JYJ Calendar 2013 New Teaser

English sub

Japanese sub

Credit: as tagged
Source: PrinceJJ
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[FANCAMS+VIDEO] 121115 JYJ At Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo (KBEE) 2012 Ambassador Opening Ceremony At Intex In Osaka, Japan



MC(JP): Last but not least,this one question:since you’re in Osaka, can I ask you what is your impression of Osaka?
Junsu: If Osaka, of course it’ll be takoyaki. We had experience of making takoyaki on a Japanese TV show…(I was) really *damn-bad at it..and I also like okonomiyaki. Well, if it’s Japanese food, we all love all of it. In Japan, I think it’s a good thing that we could eat **bass? Yeah…thank you

*Junsu said a word that wasn’t formal and TBH it wasn’t appropriate for a formal ceremony but I don’t think he noticed thus JJ and Yoochun’s burst of laughter because normally you’d say you’re bad at it (heta) and not damn-bad (hetakuso)-which is so anime-like ^^
**I have no idea because it seems like he wasn’t sure what he wanted to say too..><



Credit: as tagged
Source: allkpop, jyj3
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